Power Badger: The Engine Heater Controller

The Power Badger’s patent pending function is a major leap forward in energy savings and reliable cold weather vehicle starting.

Here’s how it works: Simply set your desired “Ready Time” and the Power Badger™ does the rest. By controlling the block heater (or pad heater/s) installed on your engine, the vehicle will be ready to start at your desired “Ready Time” using the minimum amount of power necessary.

  • Senses outside temperature and adjusts automatically
  • Saves energy and $$$ ... Pays for itself in 1-2 seasons!
  • Rugged, weather resistant design, made for harsh winters
  • Two Modes:
    • Ready your engine for a specific start time
    • Maintain your engine ready to start anytime
  • Controls: engine block heaters, pan/tank heaters, battery warmers, etc…
  • 1800 watts capacity

The Power Badger was specifically engineered to function in extreme cold, snowy, icy and wet conditions. The unit’s rugged, water resistant design is intended to endure years in harsh northern environments, offering continually flawless performance, year after year.

Until now most engine heaters were inefficient, uncontrolled energy wasters. Most engine block heaters are using energy all the time (as soon as they are plugged in). Most people simply plug in their heater and let it fire uncontrolled, wasting 500-1500 watts of power per hour, that’s $3-$7 of wasted energy per day.  In cases like this, the Power Badger™ could pay for itself in energy savings in less than a month or two.


“We have a ‘97 Cummins 5.9 truck. In the cold it starts allot better when I plug it in. the Badger seems to be good at getting the truck ready when I need it.”

Private Truck Owner (Idaho)

“Tugs, tractors, trucks, gen-sets,… if its got a diesel engine and we need it in the winter, it has to be plugged in up here. The Power Badger helps keep our equipment ready to start and saves on energy.”

Airport Equipment Maintenance Manager (Minnesota)

“I used the Power Badger at home and brought it to work for my boss to try.He liked it so much, he just ordered 5 for the company trucks and 2 more for equipment at our job sites!”

Heavy Equipment Operator (Ohio)

“I am a volunteer fire fighter in the western mountains of North Carolina. I drive a 2003 6.0L ford diesel that hates to start in the cold. The Power Badger helps me keep my truck ready to go in a place that can be 60 degrees one day ...

“I use the Power Badger with my ‘04 Chev, and it does what it says. The truck is ready to start when I need it and I save 20-$30 per month from when I had it plugged in all the time.”

Private Truck Owner (Wisconsin)

“Our department has started using a Badger (in “maintain” mode) to keep ready one of our older trucks that can’t always be kept inside during the winter. To date, it has started fine each time when plugged in to the (PB).”

Municipal Fire Department (Iowa)

 “It seems to be most beneficial during the transitional seasons when I used to have to adjust the timer I was using at least once a week due to the outside temperature changes; now the Badger does that automatically.”

Private Truck Owner (Illinois)

“I didn’t know if it would work for me because it gets really cold up here, but so far this season the PB has worked as advertised.”

Private Truck Owner (North Dakota)

“Way easier than the old-fashioned timer I had used.”

Private Truck Owner (Massachusetts)

“We were having an employee come in at 3 am every school day just to plug in the busses; now the Power Badger gets the fleet ready and saves on our district’s power costs at the same time.”

Bus Fleet Manager (Colorado)