Engine Heater Timer

Save Yourself The Stress And Get An Engine Heater Timer

In most cold regions where the temperatures are prone to go deep down below the freezing point of water, vehicle engines always bear the brunt of the fierce weather. Due to the harsh climate, a vehicle engine can become severely cold to the extent that the oil gets thick which can lead to catastrophic engine damage.

As a result, many vehicle owners always ensure that they get their block heaters activated during this trying period. Basically, these are engine-heating devices that are structured and designed to warm up the relevant fluids in an engine so as to enable it to get started without experiencing any hitches. There are quite a variety of different beneficial tasks that these heating devices can accomplish in a cold-stricken environment.

Importance of using an engine block heater timer

Ultimately, the main aim of using an engine block heater is to enable your vehicle engine start effortlessly. It may also interest you to know that this can help preheat the internal engine components, antifreeze, and even the engine oil of your vehicle which in turn helps to minimize emissions and reduce wear and tear. Generally, most vehicles need a hot environment to work comfortably well. The use of engine block heaters can help blow hot required to keep the engine coolant liquid for a longer time and ensure adequate functionality.

However, there is a downside to using engine block heaters. One of which is that they consume lots of energy. For convenience sake, most people plug these heaters in as soon as they arrive home in the evening and leave them on all through the night even when they require approximately 4 hours to get an engine fully warmed. This emphasizes the need for an engine heater timer.

Our programmable electronic timers are designed to regulate unnecessary waste of energy while ensuring adequate heating of vehicle engines in temperate regions. Suitable for outdoor use, our engine heater timer can be used for any vehicle few hours before your plan to get it started.

Avoid the added costs from heating your car engine

No doubt, any vehicle that must survive winter in temperate regions must require an engine block heater. In a bid to help engine start on cold days, most engine block heaters are designed to warm a vehicle’s engine block and fluids while making use of electricity (electric heat). Installing our efficient engine heater timer will help you avoid the excessive cost of heating your vehicle engine all night long.

Running an engine block heater day after day can be an expensive adventure as it tends to consume quite a significant amount of electricity. Installing your heater with a programmable electronic timer is obviously a good idea as it will help you save both energy and money. We can help you achieve this feat once and for all. As a matter of fact, this can even help your engine heater last longer. Now, knowing your car will start in the morning is good enough to make you sleep comfortably during those cold winter nights.

Engine Heater Timer