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Shopping around for a media blast sander is not an east task and will require some thoughtful comparison and research. You’ll likely come across a few very cheap models in your quest to find the perfect media blast cabinet; it’s always safe to assume that you’re getting what you pay for.

If you’ve come across a sandblaster that sells for a hundred dollars, it can be tempting to take a closer look to see how it performs. Don’t even waste a minute of your time looking at a media blast cabinet that costs a hundred dollars- you are absolutely certain to be disappointed with its performance.

Badboy Blaster designs and manufactures some of the highest quality media blasting cabinets on the market- made of the finest materials available and built tough to provide their customers with an exceptional experience every time they use it. Their ‘Baddest Series” of sandblasting cabinets are their most uniquely built of all of their products, built with multi-stations to handle loner items and equipped with 1400 CFM cyclonic dust collectors and T5 lighting.

The Baddest Series offers an extremely rugged media blast cabinet that is built to customer specs. Consider their BB9900XLD model that offers industrial performance; a few of its features include:

– A work area of 74” x 74” x 50” working height!
– Hydraulic indexing 60” turn table
– All sealed bearing to provide a long life
– Direct pressure blasting
– Safety limit switch for safe operation
– External T5 fluorescent lighting system
– Self-contained twin 1400 CFM cyclonic vacuum dust collector
– 110V 30 Amp
– Built to last

You can get a closer look at the BB9900XLD when you visit online at Check out a few of their videos while on the website and see their cabinets in action.

Looking for something a bit more modest for your shop or garage? Take a look at the Premier Series. The BB760XLD Media Blast Cabinet is extremely affordable and can even be financed at just $38 a month! That means you can have this model placed in your shop immediately at a price you can’t deny is unbeatable. The BB760XLD is powder coated inside and out for a long finish life and is made of heavy steel construction, a 16 gauge body, 14 gauge legs and 14 gauge pressed steel doors.

The BB760XLD is the perfect media blast cabinet for small shops and even personal garages and features twin fluorescent lighting in a separate chamber from the blasting area. It also comes with a built-in air regulator, safety sensors on both doors and two blasting guns. You can check out all of the features of this model online at, or feel free to make a call to tech at 330-413-5262 with any questions you may have.

The bottom line is, you simply won’t find a better unit for a lower price than when you shop for your media blast cabinet at Badboy Blasters- and their customers appreciate the high level of customer service and support that comes with their purchase.

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