Nylon Sling

Nylon Sling

Why Choose a Nylon Sling Over a Steel Sling:

At Yellow Lifting, we offer a range of options for lifting and securing loads, and we like to think our specialists are uniquely qualified to help our customers choose the right tool for the project at hand. If you’re looking at options in a web sling, there are numerous benefits in choosing a nylon sling. Of course, steel will still be your best bet for many projects and applications that require the strength and durability of steel, however when the job allows, nylon might be the better choice.

A few things to keep in mind when selecting a nylon sling include:

The amount of headspace that is available for the application. On projects where there is limited space to perform the lift, a web sling may not be the best option. The stretch nature of a web sling requires an additional amount of headroom, so in this case, a round nylon sling may be the right call.

Nylon slings should be protected from any rough surfaces or rigging hardware that could compromise the integrity of the material. Keep in mind that any sharp edge can cut through a sling and render your project more labor and cost intensive than you would otherwise be prepared for. Give us a call at Yellow Lifting to discuss protection methods from abrasion, cuts, and load.

Two of the biggest mistakes employed when using a nylon sling include failing to use proper protection on all edges and attaching metal tags to slings with wire. If it’s necessary to add information to a sling, use sewn on tags that include all necessary information. A wire and metal crimp tag can damage the sling in the event that it’s caught during the lifting process. Wire attachments can render your nylon sling unusable.

Our lightweight nylon slings are flexible and have wide bearing surfaces to better secure and protect your load. See our inventory of various sizes and configurations to find one that meets your needs or give us a call at 866-766-1579 if you need help choosing a sling. Our products offer a versatile and affordable method of lifting for everyday handymen and those in the construction industry. Use our nylon slings with chain or wire pullers or with a winch. Customers love our ‘at a glance’ indicators that reliably alert when your nylon sling is ready for replacement.

Visit our website to see current specials that will save you money on your next purchase from us. Feel free to review our return policy online- you’ll note that we offer an industry-leading 30 day money back guarantee and return policy on all of our products in the event that you’re not satisfied with its performance. We won’t ask any questions regarding your return, we simply ask that you send it back in its original package. If you choose an exchange, we’ll gladly ship it to you for free.

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Nylon Sling



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