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Power Badger Keeps Your Engine Running In Freezing Temperatures

It’s no secret that our innovative, patent-pending products have helped Power Badger users save time and money by providing a more efficient way to heat your vehicle’s engine in the coldest of winter temperatures. When your business and your bank account depend on your engine starting reliably, our technology sweeps in for the win.

Winter is full of enough expenses. Snow removal services, additional propane use, and higher energy costs can all give your company a big hit to the wallet. Why waste even more money on wattage-killing systems that run all night and drive up your bills?

Other systems waste wattage, and can increase your energy costs by several dollars per day. In the span of several months, all the nickels and dimes can really add up. Our revolutionary product saves you time, and pays for itself in after just one or two seasons.

Our system heats your engine only when you need it, avoiding wasteful spending and helping the environment. Today we highlight the unique needs of two different Power Badger users, and show how our products go to work for them.

School Systems and School Bus Garages

The school day starts way before kids hear that opening bell. Behind the scenes, hardworking maintenance teams and bus drivers are getting vehicles ready to transport children safely from home to their classrooms.

When frigid temperatures could prevent school buses from starting and beginning their early morning commute, our products help get drivers on the road and deliver students to class on time.

James Tilson, Superintendent for the North Suffolk school system, explains how cold weather can hinder learning. “When temps dip below freezing, a bus engine has a difficult time starting, which causes a trickle down effect into the classroom. If buses can’t run, our kids can’t get to school. If they can’t get to school, they can’t learn. We really depend on our Power Badger products to keep our bus engines warm so they start on time,” Tilson explains.

Education starts in the bus garage, you might say. We help keep those buses moving on time and efficiently, even in snow, ice, and below-zero temperatures.

Supply Chain and Semi Trucking Companies

The first thing consumers do when they hear about impending winter storms that bring arctic blasts our way, is head to the grocery store to stock up. Who transports all those goods from the manufacturer and onto store shelves? Truck drivers.

Jason Staper, Truck Driver at OCS Solutions, is thankful for the extra protection that a reliable heating system brings. “My rig needs ample time to warm up when it’s cold outside. Previous heaters I’ve used had to be plugged in and run overnight in order to be ready to head out for a load the next day. Now, all I have to do is program my controller for the time I need it, and it automatically senses the outside temperature. It adds another layer of defense against Mother Nature, and keeps me on the road,” he explains.

If your business relies on vehicles that need to start every time, even in the coldest temps and harshest winter weather conditions, our patent-pending Power Badger heating system can keep your wheels in motion.

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