Public Utilities

The Power Badger® - A Proven Energy Efficiency Measure for Public Utilities

The Power Badger

The Power Badger® is an easily implemented and proven Energy Efficiency Measure employed nationwide by public utility companies, Demand Side Management Program Managers, DSM consultants and 3rd party energy efficiency program implementers. This heater controller has the ability to provide significant kWh savings through its built-in temperature adjusted power cycling function. Calculations for kWh savings vary by climate zone. This energy saving device is particularly effective in areas where winter temperatures swing through a wide range during the transitional seasons leading into and out of the main heating season (spring / fall).

Advantages of Adding This New Energy Efficiency Measure to Your kWh Savings “Toolbox”:

  • Big Available kWh Savings
    • Average 1500 kWh savings credit (yearly) in most applicable climate zones
  • Easily and Cost Effective Measure to Implement
    • Average 8-10¢ per kWh cost to the program
    • No Installation Needed – just “plug-and-play”
    • No upfront purchase of units necessary by implementer or utility. The product can be ordered by ratepayers directly from our website (using an instant rebate code system for utilities) and  drop-shipped “as ordered” directly to the ratepayer or BMI can put stock in place (on consignment) on-site at “in-person” outreach events where BMI would provide trained staff to aid the participating implementer or utility, at no additional charge. Such systems are already in place with industry leading implementers and utilities such as: CLEAResult, Evergreen Consulting, Rocky Mountain Power and NV Energy and many others.
    • Can literally be handed to a customer “over the counter” at stores, home shows, fairs, any place where the target utility ratepayers gather.
    • High Consumer Interest in the Product
    • High Ratepayer Use Rate
  • Very Low Impact to the Utility From Problem, Call Back, Complaint Standpoints
    • Less than 1 in 2500 units have a service or user issue that effects immediate implementation
    • Any such issues are handled quickly and courteously by BMI’s customer service or technical service team members
    • Most effective as a Prescriptive Measure, but can also be used as a Custom Measure for commercial fleets
  • BMI has extensive knowledge of DSM Program Measure Support, with a proven demonstrable track record of working directly with incentive programs and helping to maximize kWh savings distribution to ratepayers.
    • As the actual manufacturer of the product, we can be fast and flexible with shipping, DSM program support and in addressing any product support or logistical challenges that may arise.
    • Straight Talk - We will help your program get out as much kWh savings as possible, every year.
  • Well-Built High Quality Product
      • Designed and Assembled in the USA
      • Designed to last 10+ years In constant service
  • High End-User Satisfaction
    • Fast, Intuitive Setup – No Tools Required
    • Easy to use
  • Many Potential Markets for Use:
    • Residential: Diesel Pickup Trucks
    • Commercial / Industrial: Diesel Fleet Vehicles; Package delivery, Garbage, Heavy Equipment..
    • Agricultural: Tractors, Farm Equipment, Livestock Tank Heaters, Pipe Tape/Wrap, Pad Heaters
    • School Systems: Bus Fleets
    • Municipal / State / Federal / Government Agencies / Airports / Railways / Bus Fleets
    • Military: Reduces Energy Usage at Fixed Bases and when Using Generators in Remote Areas
    • General Aviation: Piston Engine Heaters / Pads / Battery Blankets

Independent Studies / “White Papers” Related to The Power Badger®

  1. Prodigy Study – 3rd Party testing and documentation of kWh savings using the Power Badger with actual electrical loads
  2. The Regional Technical Forum (Oregon) - (Large) 3rd party produced data file documenting kWh savings related to the real-world use of block heater controllers.
    This study includes the specific backup data used for current Public Utility efficiency measures (with Rocky Mountain Power and NV Energy) as are now in place (in UT, ID, WY & NV) for the Power Badger.

The kWh savings are dramatic and there is data to back it up. Similar technical studies may be available from other Regional Technical Forums for other climate zones. BMI would encourage and likely cooperate with any future studies.