Senses outside temperature and adjusts automatically

Senses outside temperature and adjusts automatically

The Power Badger is an innovative solution designed to optimize the operation of engine block heaters, offering significant energy savings and convenience. It features a smart technology that senses outside temperature and adjusts automatically, ensuring that your vehicle is ready to start at your desired time while minimizing energy consumption.

The device operates in two main modes: “Timed Ready Mode” and “Maintain Ready Mode.” In the Timed Ready Mode, you set your desired start time, and the Power Badger calculates the best time to start heating the engine based on the outside temperature. In the Maintain Ready Mode, it keeps the engine ready to start at any time, adjusting the heating cycle based on the current temperature to save energy.

The Power Badger is particularly effective in cold climates, where traditional block heaters are left running all night, often wasting a significant amount of energy. By only using power when necessary and shutting off when not needed, the Power Badger can pay for itself in energy savings within one to two seasons.

Its rugged, weather-resistant design ensures it can withstand harsh winter conditions, making it a reliable addition to any vehicle requiring regular use in cold temperatures. With a capacity to handle up to 1800 watts, it can manage various heating elements like engine block heaters, tank heaters, and battery warmers.

In conclusion, the Power Badger not only offers a practical solution to the challenge of starting vehicles in cold weather but also promotes energy efficiency, potentially leading to considerable cost savings over time.

For more detailed information, you can visit the Power Badger’s official website: Power Badger Overview and Smart Timer Feature