Siding Allentown

Siding Allentown

When you want to transform the look of your home, improve the efficiency and make it maintenance-free, consider siding. Siding in Allentown can take any home and immediately update the look. There are many advantages to adding siding to your home.

Advantages of Siding

There are many advantages to updating your home with siding in Allentown. If you have been trying to maintain your painted home you know just how difficult, time consuming and expensive it can be. You need to care for your painted home annually or it begins to look dirty and run-down. Siding eliminates the need for painting. You won’t need to paint your home again when you choose siding.

Siding always looks great without the need for regular upkeep. Simply rinse it off every so often and it will appear as good as new. Beautiful siding will improve the value of our home. It also gives it wonderful curb appeal. Siding instantly makes your home look fresh and new.

Siding can improve the efficiency of your home. It helps to insulate your home. It will help lower your energy bills while keeping your home at a more constant temperature. It also protects your home from damage that can occur.

Vinyl Siding Options

There are a number of different options when it comes to choosing siding in Allentown. The 1000 series offers high quality siding at a reasonable price. It has the look of beautiful wood and is resistant to extreme weather. It is easy to maintain and is available in two profiles and 14 colors.

The 1500 series vinyl siding has solid color throughout and has straight rigid lines that can cover imperfections in the exterior of your home. It is available in five profiles and 15 color choices with a natural cedar grain texture.

The 2000 series vinyl siding is reinforced and has an advanced lock design that helps to secure panels tightly. It has a natural grain texture and comes in 19 colors. Our 4000 series siding is made of reinforced PureStrength™ vinyl resin that protects it from extreme weather conditions including category 5 hurricane force winds. It is also protected from degradation through ultraviolet light.

The 4000 Energy Plus vinyl siding in Allentown has all the features of the 4000 series put ithas a thermal support foam underlayment. It is five times more impact resistant and uses organic, non-toxic materials to inhibit pest infestations. Prodigy insulated siding is often called the industry leader. It is a premier siding system. It has excellent foam insulation and uses a special locking feature that provides secure installation of panels. It is resistant to water, even from severe downpours. The insulation is engineered to provide breathability so that water is not retained. All vinyl siding comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

If you are considering vinyl siding in Allentown, sit down with one of our representatives to discuss your needs. Our team of experts is here to answer your questions and help you create a beautiful, maintenance-free home.



Siding Allentown

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Siding Allentown

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