Smart Timer

Save Tons Of Energy By Connecting Smart Timer To Your Engine Heater

It is not a new problem that most cars barely start when it’s very cold because their engine will be very cold. The problem led to the advent of engine block heaters. This will keep your engine warm all the time. As useful as it is, it has one little drawback. It consumes a lot of energy. This is because people usually plug the device when they get home in the evening irrespective of the time they intend to use the car again.

The advent of Smart Timer is a big improvement. The device should be connected to your engine heater and then you set the time you will be ready to use the car. That is all. The device will figure out the best time to initiating the heating process for your engine to be ready at the exact time. This will help your heater consume the exact amount of energy required and nothing more.

So, in a nutshell, Smart Timer offers convenience and energy saving. The timer saves so much energy that in 2 winter seasons, you would have saved more money than its cost in energy.

How it works

After connecting it, you can set your “Ready time”. This means you should set the time you intend to use the car. That is your ready time and Smart Timer will ensure that the car is indeed ready when you get there.

On the other hand, if your work is fraught with emergency and you may need to use your car anytime, you can put the device in maintain mode. It will ensure your car is ready anytime. However, it is important to state here that setting it in “maintain” mode will save much less energy than the other mode.

Its important features

It senses outside temperature and it automatically adjusts to it. It saves so much energy that it will pay for itself within two seasons. It is not only rugged, it can also withstand harsh weather conditions.

As explained above, it has two modes of setting – “ready time” mode and “maintain” mode. It has the ability to control engine block heaters, tank heaters, and battery warmers just to mention a few. Most importantly, it has 1800 watts capacity.

Energy saving arithmetic

It virtually pays for itself in 2 seasons and here is the arithmetic to prove it. Remember, virtually every user leaves his or her engine heater on all night long. Besides, there are certain times you will decide not to take your vehicle out at the last minute and you would have used your engine heater all through the night.

So here is Smart timer’s energy saving arithmetic

This illustration assumes that the wattage of your heater is 1000 watt and you usually plug in your engine heater at exactly 6pm. It also assumes that you usually leave home by 7am. This implies that heater works for about 13 hours every day. Each unit of Smart timer costs $99.

For timed mode (ready time), you get to save $1.74 every day, $52.09 ($1.74 x 30) in a month, and $217.03 in a season. On the other hand, for maintain mode, you will save $0.61 daily, $18.3 monthly, and $76.25 in a season.

In conclusion, it is important to note that these figures are mere estimates but they are not far from the actual figures. Besides, all the days you will plug your heater overnight and decide not to use your car are not captured in the estimate. That means the savings may be more than the figures stated above.

Smart Timer