Snorkel Lift Parts

Snorkel Lift Parts

Snorkel lifts move up and down through the cross balance supports. They are usually powered by diesel, hydraulics, or electricity. Our snorkel lifts support the loading and offloading of materials. We have various scissor lifts for indoor and outdoor uses. Our lift parts are designed to perform well while being affordable. Snorkel scissor lifts are durable and made from heavy-duty steel. The lifts are designed with compact dimensions ensuring they fit through doorways and confined spaces. We have various snorkel parts for sale.


These are also known as lift tables. Depending on the model, they can come in various sizes, shapes, and densities. Platforms with rails transport people while those without transport materials.


We stock different sizes depending on the model. The base acts as the foundation of the lift and is made from strong metal. It comes with tracks that guide rollers at the bottom of the lift’s legs. Rollers provide a strong base for steady ascent and descent of people and materials.

Scissor Legs

They connect the platform and the base. They constrict when the platform is raised and expand when the platform is lowered. Scissor legs get their name from their crisscross pattern. These parts require frequent maintenance because of the wear and tear that occurs when raising and lowering loads.


Snorkel lifts can have one to four attached cylinders. The cylinder’s content depends on the type of lift. Hydraulic lifts have hydraulic fluid, while other cylinders feature a pneumatic pump filled with compressed air.

Electric Winch

It has a 12V Dc magnet motor to provide a steady and strong pull. The dynamic brake prevents the rope from sliding when loading. Our electric winch is made using state-of-the-art technology. It has a powder-coated surface to prevent corrosion. In addition, its rope is durable and synthetic. You can use it to winch a UTV or ATV. It also comes with a mounting bracket, a handlebar rocker, and a hawse fairlead.

Our winch has a three-stage planetary gear train, weather-sealed solenoid, dynamic brake, and a circuit breaker to ensure safety and reliable power.


Our snorkel lifts feature down and flow control valves. The down valve controls the hydraulic fluid flow and compresses air by letting it flow to its container. This allows the scissor to descend slowly. The valve is activated when the power source is activated. The flow control valve controls the speed of the platform descent. It does this by handling the rate of the compressed air or fluid in the cylinder.

The cylinders begin to fill with either hydraulic fluid or compressed air once the power switch is turned on. The cylinder pushes outwards, and the legs pull apart to raise the platform.

Our material lifts are durable and have excellent loading capacity. We stock parts for scissor and boom lifts. In addition, we have a wide range of loading wheels for different aerials lifts. Our loading lifts are designed for easy setup and transport.

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Snorkel Lift Parts

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