Solar Energy Equipment Suppliers

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Solar Energy Equipment Suppliers

The constant increase in electricity bills has made many people switch to more sustainable options. One of the most ideal environmentally friendly alternatives to have control over your utility expenses is Solar panels. Sun being an everlasting source of energy has made it a perfect option to go for. It is not only a more reliable source of electricity than our traditional source but it is also convenient and most importantly cost-effective.

If you also want to save yourself from life long electricity bills then you also need to get in touch with the finest solar energy companies. Clear Sky Solar is the ideal option for those who are looking for renewable energy companies. We are the experts in dealing with solar panels since 2005. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we have the perfect skills to offer the best solar design and installation services in Arizona.

Solar Energy Equipment

The demand for solar panels has skyrocketed in recent years and it is expected to increase even more. This sudden increase is due to improved efficiency and lower cost of solar power systems. Understanding the required equipment is the first progressive step towards getting a solar power system.

So what is the equipment you will need to set an effective solar power system at your home?

Solar Panels

The main component of our renewable energy company is the solar panel which is also known as photovoltaic or PV. They are made of silicon semiconductors that capture and store the sunlight. This process is known as the photovoltaic effect. They convert the sunlight to DC direct current charge. They roughly produce an average output of about 250 watts.

When grouped they form an array. The total output energy of a solar panel is obtained by the number of panels multiplied by their output rating in watts. For example 50 modules× 250 watts = 5000 watts. If your house needs 11000 kilowatts per year it means installing a panel of 50 modules in it will help you to save around 55% energy yearly.

Features of our solar panels

Being a green energy company our panels provide around 340watts weighing 47.4 lbs. Our black solar anodized aluminum is best for commercial uses. The best feature about our solar panel is they work efficiently in the temperature from -40 °F up to +185. °F. Our solar panels are reliable and low profile. The panels are installed close to your roof as to not ruin the aesthetics of your beautiful house.


Electrical appliances at home require alternating current I.e. AC. Therefore the direct current has to be converted to alternating current using inverters. Inverters keep a check on the electrical energy produced by the panels and supply it as per the requirement of the home usage. They act as a communication bridge between solar production and other solar equipment. There are two types of inverters central and micro-inverters.

Racking system

Solar panels can be installed either at the roof of the house or on clear ground. To secure these panels strong structural racks are required. These racks need to be so strong as to withstand the stormy winds and hurricanes. Our professional team inspect the area and then install these rack systems based on the mounting style and location of the panels.

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Solar Energy Equipment Suppliers
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Solar Energy Equipment Suppliers
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