Wholesale Hockey Tape

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Wholesale Hockey Tape

Ice hockey is a contact sport that’s played on ice. Because of the constant collisions among players, wearing proper and well-fitting gear is essential. The safety equipment can reduce the incidence and severity of many common injuries on the ice.

Some of the important equipment for professional and recreational hockey players are skates, helmets, mouth guards, shoulder pads, chest protectors, and face shields. Sock and stick tapes are also essential items that come in handy while on the rink.

At North American Tapes, we are experts when it comes to taping, and we understand how important a good tape job is on the field. As such, we have invested heavily in providing wholesale hockey tape that can prevent mechanical problems during a game.

Hockey Tape

Hockey tape is a kind of adhesive tape used to improve performance in games such as ice hockey, field hockey, lacrosse, and roller hockey. Types of hockey tape include stick tape and shin tape.

The stick tape is used on the butt-end (handle) of a hockey stick, or the blade. Shin tape is used by players to keep their shin guards in place during a game. Hockey players usually use the shin tape on their socks, that is pulled over the shin guards. 

Why Do Hockey Players Tape Their Sticks?

Hockey players tape their sticks because they improve performance in the following ways:

  • A taped blade offers more control of the puck. When the blade is taped, there's a cushion that enables it to have a better grip on the puck. That helps quicken the pace at which a player can catch and release it.
  • Taping the blade protects it from damage due to multiple contacts such as stick checks during a game.
  • A taped handle provides the player with a better grip on the stick. That results in greater stick control.
  • When a stick is taped from the toe to the heel, a player is able to put more spin on the puck when passing or shooting, which improves accuracy.

At North American Tapes, our tapes are manufactured using the latest technology. With our Comp-o-stick Performance Hockey Tape, players will have great and improved performance when using modern hockey sticks.

What is Needed to Tape a Hockey Stick?

To tape a hockey stick, you may need some or all of the following accessories:

  • Cloth Tape – There are different colors to choose from. You can also get either a regular (1”) or wide (1.5”) size.
  • Stick Wax – Stick wax keeps the hockey tape waterproof. Thus, it makes a tape job durable while also improving the grip on the puck.
  • Grip Tape – A grip tape adds a little extra power to a player’s shot. The tape has a rubber tilling that makes it possible to have a tackier grip, promoting a tension-free and smoother shot through better wrist mobility.
  • Scissors – These are for cutting the tape.
  • Friction Tape – This tape has adhesive on both sides. Friction tape is meant to improve puck grip.

Get a Better Grip on the Field

At North American Tapes, our proprietary adhesive technology allows us to produce hockey tapes that stick better, wear better, and have just the right elasticity. Our tapes come in a variety of colors and styles. Our collection of wholesale hockey tape includes stick tape, grip tape, and shin pad tape. Contact us today on [email protected] for inquiries on how to become our authorized dealer.

Wholesale Hockey Tape
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