Turbo 400 Transmission Use

Turbo 400 Transmission Use

Turbo 400 transmission use simply does not compare to the factory model. Better gear ratios, smooth transitions, and the capability to handle the stress of the track make this the perfect transmission to support your classic car or truck. Gearstar provides quality parts for upgrades and overhauls. Our transmissions empower drives around the nation.

What is the GM Turbo 400 4×4 transmission?

The GM Turbo 400 4×4 transmission powers some of the most iconic American cars and trucks. The Corvettes, work trucks, and pickups that helped shape modern America utilized this heavy-duty transmission for heavy workloads. The part handles up to 400 horsepower, an enormous benefit for its day.

TMH 400 technology still powers the Powerglide and other cars. These predecessors continue to prove American might on and off the track.

When do I need to replace my transmission?

The average transmission lasts seven years or 150,000 to 200,000 miles. Manual and automatic transmissions have the same lifespan. As your car ages, the gears slip, the clutch wears, and oil leaks appear. Automatic transmissions, with more parts, may experience other minor issues.

Replacing your transmission is a necessity and not a luxury. This is the part that allows your engine to operate at higher speeds without remaining in the red line. Faulty and worn transmissions create enormous stress on engine components, eventually causing your car to break down for good.

Can I upgrade or replace the transmission in my classic car?

It is unlikely that the bolts and other parts in your car cannot be replaced. Companies such as GM and Mopar still produce parts for cars made in the 1980s and 1990s. As other cars reach their maximum lifespan, more parts become available.

A skilled mechanic can swap transmissions on most classic cars and trucks using new or used parts. Your cherished centerpiece can continue to light up the track and car shows for decades to come.

Can I swap my current transmission for a used turbo 400 transmission?

There are precautions to take when swapping an existing transmission with a used part. The wear and tear is greater than when using a newer component. It is still possible to get thousands of miles of use out of an existing transmission but there are no discounts on labor.

Gearstar sells used racing transmissions such as the TH400. We certify every part so that you receive the most from your vehicle. Avoid a breakdown and receive peace of mind with our best-in-class warranties. Every part must live up to the Gearstar name.

Where can I find a TH 400 transmission for my car or truck?

Turbo 400 transmission use helped build America. Work trucks, race cars, and sedans from 1967 to the early 2000s made use of this innovative technology. GM made this transmission work with updates throughout its lifespan, taking the lessons learned into the current line of vehicles.

When your classic starts to experience minor oil leaks, gear slips, and power loss, your transmission may be to blame. In this case, Gearstar has you covered with quality used racing transmissions backed by our guarantee. Give us a call at (330) 434-5216 to learn more.